What types of massage are there?

There are many different types of massage. Some intend to mitigate muscle issues and wounds, for example, sports and deep tissue massage, while others expect to advance relaxation, for example, reflexology.

These kinds of massage are famous in sports and occupational wellbeing. Swedish massage is a progressively normal type of massage that is appropriate for a scope of different purposes.

A few kinds of massage may have more extensive medical advantages. For instance, there are claims that reflexology can heal different part of the body by focusing on the hands and feet. Notwithstanding, there is no indisputable proof to support these cases.

This article will talk about probably the most widely recognized kinds of massage and their advantages.

Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage includes the use of heated stones, usually comprising basalt. Basalt is a kind of volcanic stone with a high iron substance, which enables it to hold in heat well.

A massage specialist will heat the stones in boiling water before setting them on various territories of the body.

They may likewise hold the stones while playing out an assortment of other back rub methods.

Hot stone massage gives warmth to the body’s muscles. This can assist treat with muscling wounds, as it realxes them and builds blood flow to the area. This, thusly, can help reduce stiffness and discomfort.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage intends to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

A massage specialist will gradually press their fingers into the skin with pressure. They will use slow, firm strokes to target deep tissues.

They may specifically target knots in the muscles. Muscle knots, or myofascial trigger focuses, are specific areas of tension inside the muscle fiber. The accurate cause of these knots is still unclear,but they can create from muscle overuse, for example, from playing a sport or poor posture.

Because these knots can be sore, deep tissue massage intends to soothe them and provide pain relief. There is some proof to recommend that this system is effective for this purpose.

Sports massage

The purpose of a sports massage is to improve the wellbeing of the soft tissue in the bodies of individuals who play sports or exercise consistently. It includes the control of soft tissues, including the:

– skin

– muscle

– tendons

– ligaments

– fascia

Playing sports and routinely exercising can put excessive strain on the muscles and other soft tissues. By focusing on these soft tissues, a sport massage therapist aims to prevent or relieve injuries, improve muscle performance, and correct muscle imbalances.

There is proof to propose that sports massage can help recovery from repetitive muscle injuries. There is also some evidence to recommend that sports massage may improve muscle performance, however it is less conclusive.

Swedish massage

In a Swedish massage, the specialist will use less pressure than they would in other sorts of massage, for example, profound tissue or sports rub.

They will combine shorter, tapping strokes and longer, deeper strokes using light to moderate pressure. They may likewise move the individual’s limbs around during the massage.

Swedish massage can help relieve pain, stress, and muscle issues. A methodical survey from 2017 found that Swedish massage has a scope of advantages, including reducing lower back pain.

Be that as it may, this technique may not be useful for everybody. For instance, one study found that Swedish massage treatment didn’t help those with fibromyalgia when compared with other sorts of massage.


Reflexology uses various amounts of pressure on specific parts of the hands and feet with the point of benefiting other parts of the body. The practice may help promote relaxation and reduce pain.

There are a few cases that reflexology can heal certain parts of the body from various conditions, however there is no solid evidence for this. For instance, one high quality systematic survey found that reflexology couldn’t reduce chronic pain from multiple sclerosis.

Be that as it may, reflexology may have different advantages, for example, unwinding. One systematic review from 2019 found that reflexology decreased nervousness in individuals undergoing treatment for cardiovascular issues.

Source : medicalnewstoday.com

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