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The principle and scope of live current electrotherapy?

A method of treating diseases using different types of currents and electromagnetic fields. One of the most commonly used methods of physical therapy. There are mainly DC electrotherapy, direct current drug iontophoresis, low frequency pulse electrotherapy, medium frequency pulse electrotherapy, high frequency electrotherapy, and electrostatic therapy.

Different types of current have different physiological effects on the human body. Direct current is a constant current, which can change the ion distribution in the body and adjust the function of the body. It is commonly used for drug iontophoresis; low and medium frequency currents stimulate neuromuscular contraction, reduce pain threshold, relieve adhesion, and high frequency electricity with its thermal effect on the human body.

And heat external effects promote circulation, eliminate inflammation and edema, stimulate tissue regeneration, pain relief, commonly used to treat injury, inflammation pain syndrome, static electricity is mainly used to regulate central nervous system and plant functions, commonly used in neurosis, menopausal syndrome.

What is the amount of voltage and current that the human body can withstand?

People bear the voltage and the current flowing through the human body, and the resistance here refers to the body’s own resistance. The voltage that a person can withstand is generally called a safe voltage. The current is specified as 12V, 8-12 mA milliamperes.

What is the conduction velocity of live current electrotherapy?

The electric field travels very fast. In vacuum, this speed is about the same as the speed of light. The speed of light in a vacuum is a physical constant (symbol c) equal to 299,792,458 m/s. Generally take 300,000 KM / S.

What do you feel when you are treated with

You will feel that the current will be transmitted to the body from the power sheet of the foot. At this point, you will feel awkward at this position, and the therapist’s hand will touch your affected area or acupuncture point, and you will feel the current will concentrate.

In this position, there is also the feeling of sputum and vibration. When the therapist’s hand reaches some muscle tissue, you have the opportunity to feel cramps.

When the current stimulates the pain or the tiredness, the current will open the blood flow at the position. The waste is cleared and the blood gas returns to normal, so you will feel abnormally relaxed.

Can the current be controlled?

Yes. The current is controlled by the therapist. When you first try or endure too much current, please inform the therapist to adjust the current to a level that you feel comfortable with.

Why is the current particularly large in some locations, and some particularly small?

When the therapist brings current to the acupuncture points in the body’s meridians, you will feel that the current is particularly large, because the acupuncture points are full of nerve lines, which is particularly sensitive.

But if you have some pain or tiredness in your body, because of the lack of blood in your position and the accumulation of body waste, the resistance is large, so you will feel less current at these locations.

What is the special reaction after treatment?

For some muscle or tendon pain caused by inflammation, after treatment, you will feel relaxed because the blood vessels are open, but after the first few treatments, you will have a chance to feel pain because the pain area will be re-adjusted.

There is a more painful feeling, this is a normal reaction. And some organs or systemic diseases, after the first few treatments, because the internal organs are newly regulated or born, there will be insomnia, fever or physical discomfort at the beginning of treatment, this is an absolutely normal reaction, no need to worry .

What should I pay attention to before and after treatment?

After treatment, it is best to drink some electrolytes with electrolytes. We would recommend drinking minerals that will help the effect.

Is the longer the treatment time, the better?

Absolute error, treatment time can not be too much, each time the foot current stimulation can not exceed 2 hours, and must be treated the next day, otherwise there will be adverse effects, and we are forbidden, each treatment time is too long, will produce insomnia, so Treatment time is determined by the age of the person and the different diseases, and must not be excessive.